Bitcoin ATM Card, Perfect Money ATM Card, Webmoney ATM Card


Raxcard is an american registered company, provides most anonymous debit card to you in any country. Raxcard Debit Card offers all the services and advantages that you can expect. It is so simply and convenient to use these card. Raxcard is specially offering Bitcoin ATM Card, Perfect Money ATM Card, Webmoney ATM Card. You can upload funds from your respective Currency and use it for online shopping or withdraw this Money from any ATM worldwide. You can carry all your Perfect money funds into your plastic card and can withdraw any time, anywhere in the world from ATM. This Card has most acceptability in Asia, Africa, Asia and Middle East. Access your electronic money any time any where with through Raxcard. This card is specifically design to withdraw perfect money Webmoney or Bitcoin Funds from ATM. Card is Connected with dedicated bitcoin wallet address, Perfect money account and Webmoney Purse. Now it is very easy to withdraw Perfect money funds from local ATM in your country. You simply insert the Raxcard plastic card into the ATM and withdraw your funds.

Get On your Address, Bitcoin ATM Card, Perfect Money ATM Card and Web Money Card

People often feel insecure while storing their digital currency online. yes it is possible, online digital currency can be hacked, stolen or lost due to password problem. You can cashout it and convert it into cash in hand. is the best to be trusted and offer the most secured online payment card for international use. You can easily get a prepaid debit card paying only 50 dollars fee with free express delivery of DHL within 2-5 business days after ordering for it.

Perfect Money ATM Debit Card:

Raxcard Perfect Money ATM debit card can give you withdrawal facilities from any ATM machine worldwide. This card is fully anonymous for international clients, working as Visa card accepted in all over the world.

Bitcoin ATM Debit Card:

You can apply and receive Bitcoin ATM Debit card without providing any identity documents. Card will be delivered to you with in 3 to 5 days at your home address. This is Best Card to withdraw Bitcoin from ATM around you.

Webmoney ATM Debit Card:

This is issued from USA bank, accepted worldwide as normal visa card. You can withdraw Webmoney funds through this card easily from local ATM card. Card will be delivered to your by Fedex or DHL.


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